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Sunday, 4 December 2016



Wish to make money without investment, then here is the wonderful opportunity to make money with your computer.  Its 100% free and you get paid for doing nothing.  It sounds crazy right?  But yes you can get paid for doing nothing in this amazing site.  Let me explain the details.


mycashbar is a paid to surf site.  You just need to provide them the space in your computer screen to advertise their websites.  You can do your routine browsing and it wont effect any work you do. The Ads will be scrolled below the browsers page.  There is no need to click, nothing you have to do.  Just download the software and launch it.  It takes 3 mins to setup.  You can remove it, when ever you like.  You can earn money for doing nothing.

Lets see how it works:

For every one hour for your computer or laptop for being mycashbar link active , 60 points will be earned.  

You can refer as many people as you like and also you can earn 20% of the referrals points upto 5 levels.

Suppose you refer 5 people.

And those 5 people refer 5  like that upto 5 levels

 Level                             Referrals                                    Points

level 1                                    5                                              5 000
level 2                                  25                                            25 000
level 3                                125                                         1.25.000
level 4                                625                                         6,25,000
level 5                               3125                                      3,125,000

Total                                 3905                                      3,905,000

These are the points you will be earned, if you have 5 level referrals and if they earn 5000 points per month.  If you can keep your computer daily upto 3 hours , you can easily earn 5000 points.

The point rate cannot be known before the end of the month as the rate varies according to the income earned by mycashbar.

The rate for 1000 points as on November 2016 was finalised as 0.057 dollars.

According to the above referrals and rate, you can easily earn upto 250 dollars per month for doing nothing.

The payout threshold limit is just 5$ and you can request your payment through paypal or payza.  If you are a France citizen, then you can also opt for a cheque from 20 euros.

To Join this site and to earn money just click the below banner or copy and paste the link

image:


This site is also similar to  You have to just provide them the space in your computer screen to earn money.  Unlike mycashbar site, where banners are used to advertise, here only the news is scrolled on the top of your screen.  There is no need to click on it .  No need to browse also.  If any news is interested for you, then  only click and watch, otherwise no need to click any link.  Here also referrals plays an important role.  The more referrals you have in your downline, the more money you make.

The threshold limit for payout is 100$.

You can redeem it through paypal and payza.

You have just signup , install tickerbar and you will be paid automatically.

to join this site pls click the link below

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Top PTC sites that are genuine and pays you: How to add keywords into a google blogger blogspot...

Top PTC sites that are genuine and pays you: How to add keywords into a google blogger blogspot...: How to add keywords in google blogspot blog: When a person wishes to search for any information, then he will directly go to search engin...

How to add keywords into a google blogger blogspot

How to add keywords in google blogspot blog:

When a person wishes to search for any information, then he will directly go to search engines like google, bing, yahoo etc.. and types a word or sentence which he wishes to know more about that and then clicks.  The search engine searches, crawls and then displays a number of sites relevant to the word or sentenced typed.

The word or sentence type is called keyword.  This way the persons searches and enters his desired website or blog.   From this it is needless to say that keywords are the backbones in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  For more information please see the image below.
Now I will guide you, how to add keywords to your google blog.  just follow the steps:

1.After you login to your blog account, click my blog
Now click settings:

A sub menu will be displayed like above, then click Search preferences

A screen which looks like above will be displayed, now click the "edit" button before "Description".

Now add the keywords, which you desired by seperating each keyword with comma, and then click save changes.

Thats it, now your blog is ready for search engines to crawl and search.

If this article helped you by any means, then do comment and also provide your suggestions if any.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

How to Earn by just listening Music online

Internet is an money ocean, where you can earn money by doing simple tasks online.  In this topic, I wish to help/guide the people  who are interested in music  especially listening and some times watching videos.  If you are really a music lover, you will be listening to music online daily.   While continuing your hobby i.e. listening your favourite  music tracks, you can earn some money into your wallet by just registering in the music websites mentioned below.

Music X-Ray:

This Website provides an wonderful opportunity for  both the Music Artist and Music lover.

  For a music artist if he wishes to get promotion for his new album, by registering in the Music X-Ray website and by allotting some amount from his pocket, he can become more popular and  familiar among the music lovers all over the world.

And for a Music Fan he can choose the artist and subscribe to listen the music, if possible comment and  in turn he will be able to earn 10 cents per song.  Once the payment level meets the threshold of $20, you will be able to get paid via paypal.  

   You can also earn by simply referring your friends to this website by simply forwarding the link to join.  You may not get songs  to listen  everytime, rather you have wait when a song will appear in your inbox to get paid. 

Below is the screen shot of an account ,

Click the below link to open an account and start earning while listening your favourite music.

This is another site, where you will be rewarded for listening music, watching videos and doing simple tasks.  By signing, you can explore 1000 of online radio stations.  Radioloyalty rewards its user for using their universal player platform by way of points.  The points are reedemable for merchandise.  You can also earn points by referring friends and relatives for signup.  you can get 10% of all your direct referrals points.  All the people from all over the world are free to join.
copy and paste the link to join

slicethepie is a popular  website which pays for writing reviews on new songs, fashion items, accessories and commercials before they are released to the market.  After log in choose a category to review.  If you choose music, then hit the play button and start listening the track and after listening you can start your review by posting  your comments, likes/dislikes and be specific about the aspects of the track.  You can earn more by submitting a detailed and constructive  review in a good english.  Any earnings can be easily withdrawn using a paypal account.  ( Note: paypal account email should be the same as the slicethepie account.  The minimum threshold for withdrawal is $10.
To register copy and paste url :

Monday, 19 September 2016



If you are a Internet user, and wish to earn working online , sitting at home, you will be quite familiar with the word PTC ( Pay to click ) websites.  Especially if you are newbie with a strong desire to earn online, PTC websites will be your primary targets.  There are millions of PTC sites that promise you a regular income by spending a little amount of your time.  By believing their promises and advertisements, many of innocent people get trapped and loose their valuable time and also some times their precious and hard earned money.  I am not saying that all PTC sites are scam, rather 90% are scams and only 10% of the total PTC sites are genuine and pays you.  On believing their promises and get attracted by their means of advertisements,  I am a victim of many PTC sites which trapped me resulting loss of money( by upgrade/buying adpacks), valuable time and most importantly they killed my desire of making money through online.

Due to this, I actually thought of quitting the concept that a common man can earn online sitting at home.  But, before coming to this conclusion I wished to try once again as a last try.  There fore after a through and a detailed research on PTC sites, I found some sites which are genuine and paying for your hard work.  With my personal experience,I recommend the following PTC sites listed below for one who wishes to get paid online.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Through PTC sites you cant earn much more, maximum 0.5 USD per day ( this is without referrals and upgrades), hence i recommend to join at least 10 to 15 genuine PTC sites, so that you can earn upto $5 daily, which will be around $150 per month.


This is a wonderful genuine PTC site, which pays you promptly. The payout threshold limit is $5.  All the payments are made through PayPal account only.  If you can dedicate your time for maximum 15 mins daily with this site, you can earn 0.5 usd daily.  I know that the amount is too small, but if you wish to earn more , then you have to concentrate more on adding referrals.  The more referrals you have, the more you earn.  For that you have to place your referral link in as many places as possible, like sharing in facebook groups, twitter, gmail , youtube etc.  On my personal experience, I recommend you to join more  money making  groups as possible in facebook, which will expose your link to millions of peoples.

To get registered with this site, pls click the link


 This is the first genuine PTC site which I came across after a long struggle for earning through online.  Its a very old PTC site, and is trusted by many around the world.  It has many payout options like paypal, perfect money, payeer, payza etc.  The payout threshold limit depends on the payout processor you choose.  My processor was paypal and its threshold limit is $1.  They pays you as soon as you reaches the limit.  With out upgrading I dont see much earning potential from this site.

By this time you would have understood the value of referrals.  Hence concentrate more on referrals as that will boost your earnings.

To get registered with this site  pls click


This is the Wonderful PTc site, with a potential of higher earnings for just working for 15 minutes daily.  You can earn upto 0.20 dollars simply by clicking the links.  As a free member you can have upto 150 referrals under you. For some reason or the other, if you cant add referrals under you on your own, then this site provides a wonderful opportunity for you to have referrals.  The more referrals you have, the more is your earning potential.  Here you can rent referrals to a maximum of 100.  For each rented referral the cost is 0.20 dollars for entire one month.  

Hence, as if you are not interested in upgrading by depositing some amount, then as soon as your account reaches to 2 dollars, then you can rent 10 referrals with your balance.  They will earn you, even while you are sleeping.  Hence I strongly recommend you buy rented referrals to boost your earnings.

To join this wonderful money making site, pls click the below link


Do you believe that working with PTC sites, you can earn thousands of dollars. Yes, you have to believe it by working with these two sites and

The concept of these two sites is different from the other PTC sites.  Here you have to accumulate BAP points (Bonus Ad Points), the more BAP you have, the chances of earning potential increases.  
In paidverts, you will be receiving 400 BAPs for clicking the ads daily.  But for the first day, you wont get any paid Ads, as you dont have any BAPs, hence no earnings for the first day.  From the second day onwards you will be receiving paid ads, as you have accumulated BAP which you earned on day 1 by clicking the ads.  The paid ads differs from 0.03 to 240 dollars per Ad.  The more BAP you have, the higher Ads you receive.  

Here you can also buy BAPs.  If you invest 1 dollar from your balance, you will receive 3200 BAPs approximately, which increases your earnings daily.  You can also accumulate the routine 400 BAPs daily by clicking the ads.

Below is the table showing the earning potential with different level of BAPs

The concept of adsgreener is also the same as paidverts.  The earning potential is also the same.
But the only difference is you will be able to earn only after accumulating 1600 BAPs.  You will be getting 200 BAPs daily by clicking the ads.  So you have to wait till 8 days for your first earnings from this site.

lets see the table:

Groups BAPS Earnings
Group 1
1600 -14500
$ 0.08 
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
Group 5
Group 6

This is upto group 6 level, just imagine the amount of money you will be earning by just accumulating the BAP.  The above earnings are for 1 day.

Hence I recommend you to join this money making site and earn the amount as per your work.  This site is genuine and paying.

To join these two sites click the links below

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